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Our 2018 Current Courses List

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At this time, all tactical classes are only available by hosting WTS at your private range, club, or location of your choice. Please contact us for details on hosting one of these world-class courses!

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WTS offers what we feel are the finest firearms courses available. Whether a beginner or advanced shooter, these courses are very detailed and comprehensive, affordably priced, reality-based, safe, professional, and fun. Our tactical handgun series takes you to an exciting new level of skill and confidence with each course. Our customer service mind-set gives you the personal attention you deserve. Most students begin with the Tactical Handgun I course, and we are proud to expand our women’s line of courses as well. With a beautiful private range, and a team of instructors without egos, we guarantee the entire day is a unique experience, not just a firearms class!

To reserve your space in one of our courses just email us you reservation request with your form or CCW information. Let us know your payment of choice either by traditional mail via a check or by PayPal. PayPal links are throughout the course site under each category for your convenience.

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By far our most popular course, this outstanding training guarantees to improve your skill, confidence & proficiency with a handgun. Loading/unloading, weapons presentation, shooting platform, delivery system, malfunctions, practical defensive techniques, front-sight & instinctive shooting are included. This is the first in our Tactical Handgun Series that has become so popular. Whether a beginner or an advanced shooter desiring to improve, you may discover how much you don't know about your gun! This is a very detailed course. Some schools offer this course over 2-days and at five times the price. We do offer handgun rentals, including holsters and tactical equipment for just $25. Basic/intermediate level. 350 rounds. 8 hours. Cost:  $165.00  


Take your skills from Tac I and put them to practical use with SWAT tactics, moving & shooting, standing, prone, and on the ground, left hand/right hand shooting & reaction drills. From Tac 1, we advance to applying the foundation techniques to reality-based self-defense tactics that may come into play when protecting one's self or family from harm. Includes props, moving targets, and a variety of shooting stations. Safe & fun! Must complete Tactical Handgun I prior to attending (or approval from Mr. Popke). Advanced level minimum 600- 750 rounds  Cost:  $195.00


What can we say, but this class is too fun to describe! Open to the die-hard graduates of Phase II only, our civilian version of SWAT is a blast! We pick up where the Tactical 2 Course leaves off and includes close quarter battle drills. Advanced shooting and fun opportunities reward this special group of shooters for their commitment to improving their handgun skills at WTS. Includes shooting multiple targets to shooting from a moving vehicle and challenging drills using steel reaction targets. 700 minimum rounds Cost:  $200.00

Couples Home Protection
Handgun Training

Designed for couples to learn to train and communicate with each other as a team and work together in an emergency situation. Relying on a trained partner can save your life, and we accomplish this in a unique training format full of safe fun, and “romantic” environment. This will be the one of most beneficial and memorable dates the two of you will go on! Training includes Tactical Handgun 1 review, then room entries and clearing. WTS is proud to add this class to our line-up. Cost:  $275.00


This course teaches students to effectively use a handgun in offense and defense of their home. Students learn to enter a room, building, or structure safely, effectively engage a threat, if present, and clear the area of any existing dangers. With the alarming increase of home invasion robberies, this course offers realistic training methods that may prevent a tragedy from occurring. This fun, all-day course is conducted at the new WTS shoot house. Successful completion of Tactical Handgun Phase I required. We highly recommend this course.
300 rounds Cost: $155.00

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This dynamic new approach in offensive and defensive use of a semi-automatic, bolt action, or a lever action rifle will build a profound confidence in your shooting platform and sight picture in combat long-gun handling skills. Great for today's new AR owners. 300 rounds. 8 hours. Cost:  $150.00


After completion of the Tactical Rifle I, we continue where we left off by shooting longer distances, much more movement, and reality-based scenarios. Also includes home protection training using a rifle at our new WTS shoot house. 400 rounds. Cost:$195.00


An excellent course on defensive & offensive use of the weapon of choice for home protection and self-defense in the home. Comprehensive training on beginning and intermediate shotgun tactics and usage. 250 rounds low-base bird-shot.  8 hours. Cost:  $145.00


We take the preferred home protection weapon and teach advanced techniques on loading, clearing obstructions, shooting on the move, precision targeting, and multiple engagements. Room entry's in WTS shoot house. 250 rounds low-base birdshot.  8 hours. Cost:  $185.00


Teaches combining the shooter & rifle as one. Includes proper shooting positioning, trigger control, breathing, read & adjust optics, & shooting under adverse conditions just to name a few. Designed for rifles 223 or larger with a scope w/MOA adjustments. 200 rounds / 8 hours  Cost:  $170.00


This 2-gun course is the ultimate in personal protection, giving you the essential skills to effectively transition between your primary & secondary weapon systems. Designed to train the shooter to engage the threat with a primary gun (rifle) and transition to a secondary gun (pistol) when experiencing a low ammunition count, a malfunction on your primary gun, or a close quarter contact. Includes speed and tactical reloading, weapons failure drills, threat assessment with both primary and secondary weapons, and transition shooting on the move. Must complete Tactical I Handgun and Rifle prior to attending this course. Conducted at our open tactical range. 600 rounds rifle/300 rounds handgun Cost:  $200.00

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Women & Handgun

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